What is being a leader?

What is a leader? How do you become a leader? These are all things that people, especially athletes think of everyday of their lives. A thought in my opinion everyone should think about. Here are some things I think a leader is and how everyone can strive to have these qualities.

A leader is defined as “The person who leads or commands a group or organization.” To be this person there are some things (in my opinion) you must do to be better. Whether it’s be a better athletics captain. Maybe you want to try to move up in the business world as a higher ranking office manager. Or you could be an aspiring student in school that wants to brighten the days of your peers. All situations require almost the same set of skills.

I always think to myself that if I want to be a captain in football I have some very straight forwarded things I have to do. One thing, I need to be friendly away from practice, and very focused and keeping people on task in practice. A part of this I feel like is you have to be good. If you aren’t the better people may not listen to you, or care about what you say. Another thing you need to do is be outgoing. Saying hi in the halls, joking around in the locker room, inviting teammates to come places with you, or even just asking them if they need help with school. These are traits I try to do during the season and the offseason to help myself be better as a person.

Last thing I feel every person needs to do is put everyone else before them. Working towards a common goal is very beneficial to keeping morale up and helping people to stay happy. This is very important to becoming a successful leader.

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